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We are the number 1 provider of pre-qualified and professional Voice Artists in the Philippines. Our excellent production team can handle any type of audio requirement – – whether it is for Corporate Videos, Narration, Commercials, Audio Books, Websites, Multi-media, Messages on hold, Looping, or dubbing, Animation and Characters, Computer Games and Mobile Applications, Instructional Videos and Broadcast Quality Podcasts.

Our elite squad of technical staff, writers, directors, crew and producers are ready to serve you 24/7 from major decisions to specific requirements. For anything short of creativity, you need CREATIVOICES.

And that is where we come in — providing you with nothing short of professional service, our talented lineup of field experts is at your disposal from concepts to application.

Contact us to think, execute, and deliver. With years of connections and established productions, we have what it takes to back up our name. Creativoices Productions.. We Think Globally, Voice Act locally.

Voice Talents

Voice Over Talent Aside from working with a highly-qualified production team and advanced production facilities, generating outstanding music and sound effects, CreatiVoices Productions takes pride in having a variety and only the best voice over talents. With a pool of 500 voiceover talents – male or female, young or mature – capable of covering more than 40 modern languages, dialects, and accents, we guarantee to give you the Talent perfect for your needs.

Audio Productions

The best Filipino Voice Over Company that supplies Filipino Voice Talents around the world and vice-versa. CreatiVoices Productions is the Philippines First and Only online voice over company. We have already served more than 500 projects to more than 80 countries around the world.

Voice Training

We live and breathe virtually every conceivable aspect of the voice-over industry. And we have an international and local team of voice over experts who oversee each part. So it’s easy for our team to pool resources and create the most wide-ranging education center, with the most successful students.

Voice Over Services

Voice Over Services

CreatiVoices provides voice over recording services with a full production management in more than 50 languages.

No matter what your product is, if it needs a leading voice, we do it!After almost a decade in the business, we understand our customers’ needs and guarantee outstanding quality, maximum convenience, and extremely fast turnaround.

  • If you need voice overs for public broadcasting, we do it!We are proud of our large pool of professional voice talents that is prepared to assist you in enhancing your organization’s image.
  • If you need voice overs for a multimedia presentations, we do it!

  • If you need telephony voice prompts, we do it!

    We supply voice prompts, auto-attendants, interactive voice response (IVR), voice messaging, and music-on-hold for promotional or educational announcements and many other applications, in just about any file format used in the telephony industry.

Just send us your scripts and we’ll take care of the rest!


  • A full production management
  • Professional voice talent bank
  • The best sound quality
  • Simple ordering procedure
  • Competitive prices
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Ready-to-use files
  • Easy download of your files from our FTP site

Let our professional voice talents work for you, and let us give your company a leading edge over your competitors!