CreatiVoices Launches First Voice Acting Workshop in Mindanao

Creativoices Productions establishes its first provincial chapter in Mindanao with the help of a series of voice acting workshops led by Creativoices CEO and Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales. From February 9 to 11, three legs of training were held – at the Cinematheque in Davao City, Radyo Natin in Mati City, and the June 8 Function Hall in Bayugan, Agusan del Sur.

The VoiceMaster with Creativoices Mindanao – Dino “DJ Digong Guantes” Divino and Mon “DJ Mon” Pillatura of Halo Halo FM Davao
The VoiceMaster collaborates with Mindanao’s Creativoices – Dino “DJ Digong Guantes” Divino and Mon “DJ Mon” Halo Halo FM Davao’s Pillatura

The workshop was organized by the Creativoices Mindanao team, which was led by Halo-Halo FM Davao Station Manager Frederick Divino, also known on-air as DJ Digong Guantes. DJ Mon Pillatura, DJ Mimay, and Ms. Jaki Marquez, Head of Marketing, are among his team members.

The workshop instructed participants in a variety of voiceover and voice acting principles, tools, and techniques. DJ Mon and DJ Digong, respectively, led workshops on voiceover for film trailers and commercials. Randy Quilos, station manager of Home Radio Davao, shared tips on how to do voiceovers for narration and documentaries, as well as how to appreciate and care for the voice. Ada Cuaresma, Creativoices Productions’ Communications Manager, led a session on dubbing and translation. The workshop’s high point is a stirring presentation by the VoiceMaster, who shared his inspirational story of 22 years in voice acting.

The VoiceMaster impresses Mati participants with voice impressions
The VoiceMaster dazzles Mati attendees with his voice impressions.

Pocholo is credited with establishing not only his company, but also the country’s first and most renowned voice acting school, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. The school has graduated thousands of students since 2005, with hundreds of them working in dubbing, voiceovers, hosting, and even public speaking. Additionally, he has trained celebrities and politicians in vocal and public speaking techniques.

Pocholo also made waves in the industry when he published the country’s first voice acting book, “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent,” in 2016. The National Book Development Board and the Manila Critic Circle named the book “Best Book on Professions” in the 36th National Book Awards.

With the participants of the Voice Acting Workshop in Davao City
With the participants of Davao City’s Voice Acting Workshop

Through the Creativoices Partner studio program, Pocholo continues to shape voice acting in the Philippines this year. Through partner studios in the provinces, an increasing number of aspiring voice artists will be able to fulfill their dreams of being heard in commercials, dubbed films and animation, and computer games. Additionally, these partner studios will service voiceover needs for their respective dialects on both the domestic and international scene.

Prepare yourself – Iloilo, Dumaguete, Sorsogon, and Abra, among others – Creativoices is on its way to you!

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