CreatiVoices Productions Conducts Advanced Voice Acting Workshop for Radio, TV, and Animation

On March 28, Creativoices Productions held an advanced voice acting workshop at its Makati City headquarters. Brian Ligsay, Director of Voiceworx, and Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, CEO of Creativoices and a Filipino motivational speaker, facilitated the workshop.

The all-day intensive workshop was designed for Voiceworx graduates and those with prior dubbing and voiceover experience. Ten participants participated in this intensive voice workshop designed to hone their skills in dubbing and voice overs.

The day began with an introduction and icebreaker, followed by a motivational speech delivered by the VoiceMaster. He created an atmosphere conducive to participants developing a greater appreciation for the art of voice acting. Pocholo shared stories about how the industry has evolved over the course of his two decades in it, and how their voice acting school has opened doors to those who previously only dreamed of becoming voice artists.

Then Voiceworx Director Brian Ligsay arrived, who kicked off the intense training with a one-of-a-kind get-to-know-you activity. Following that, a lengthy discussion about the voice acting industry ensued, during which Brian provided a high-level overview of the industry’s history and trends. The presentation instilled a sense of wonder in the participants about the world of opportunities that await them.

Following a brief recess, the students engaged in a variety of voice exercises designed to improve their breathing, pitch range, and articulation. The exercises prepared them for a mock recording session in the workshop’s final section.

After lunch, the students relocated to the recording studio of Creativoices, where the workshop continued. Brian discussed what participants can expect as they navigate the voice acting industry. He also gave them advice on how to create their voice demos, conduct themselves during auditions and recordings, and market themselves as freelance voice artists. He also demonstrated the various pieces of studio equipment they will encounter inside a recording booth.

The discussion helped to prepare participants for their mock recording, which was the workshop’s final component. The participants entered the recording booth one by one to record a few voiceover scripts in a variety of genres – commercials, narration, and documentary, to name a few. Brian and the class provided feedback on how each student can improve their script reading and vocal quality.

The workshop concluded with participants receiving a certificate of participation and a new set of skills necessary to conquer the world of voice acting.

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